The ERGO light PURE was developed to make starting school as easy as possible for children. Its new slim design, the way it sits perfectly, its flexible wearability and its well thought-out interior compartments make it the perfect companion for the start of a new and exciting stage in life. Like all McNeill satchels, the ERGO light PURE is fitted with the popular single-handed magnetic lock and a height-adjustable chest strap.

  • New, supple and ergonomic back cushion.
  • Perfect interior compartments
  • Flexibly adjustable chest and lap belt
  • McNeill single-handed magnetic lock 
  • Internal side pockets with drawstring
  • Weight from approx. 1,150 g 
  • Volume about 20 litres


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ERGO Light 912 S

The ERGO Light 912 S now comes in a completely new form. Thanks to the markedly reduced silhouette, the satchel now looks elegant and compact at the same time. The ergonomic back padding, the padded shoulder strap, the adjustable chest strap and its low weight make it the ideal satchel for petite children. Like all McNeill satchels, the ERGO Light 912 S features the popular single-handed magnetic lock.

  • Slim ergonomic upholstery
  • Flexibly adjustable chest and lap belt
  • McNeill single-handed magnetic lock
  • Internal side pockets with light-weight zippers
  • Weight from approx. 900 g
  • Volume about 18.5 litres


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New at McNeill: Modern LED lights make for a cool glow or blink effect on the satchel. The LEDs are integrated directly into McNeill's typical double strips!

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With the magnetic McTaggies the satchel can be designed according to your mood. So the satchel adapts to changing moods and interests.

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We've come up with something special for these satchels, because the McNeill Motion-Line captivates with cool 3D effects and moving motives on the rollover!

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DIN 58124

Satchels compliant with DIN 58124 provide more safety and visibility on the way to school with. All McNeill satchels shown here are manufactured and tested according to this standard. McNeill offers 5 different designs in the models ERGO Light COMPACT flex, ERGO Light PURE, and ERGO Light 912 S.

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