Junge und Mädchen, jeweils mit Ranzen auf dem Rücken

The McNeill Story

Managing Director Thorsten H. Krause, master craftsman in fine crafts, founded his handcraft company in 1963. At that time the company produced handbags and shopping bags. With consistency and a great deal of commitment, the craft business became a strongly expanding company. In 1975, the company began specialising in the production of school bags.

The company mascot is a Yorkshire terrier named McNeill, the Krauses’ family dog. During the first photo shoots, when the dog would accidentally jump into the picture, the question of what to name the company was solved: the brand McNeill was born. In the same week, the name McNeill was internationally registered and protected as a trademark, as a pictorial symbol, and as a corporate identity.

Apart from finding this name, nothing was left to chance at McNeill. For more than 40 years, McNeill has been producing "Made in Germany" school satchels, focusing on Germany as a production location. All McNeill satchels are produced at the company headquarters in Hainburg and in a branch in Eberswalde, Germany. For McNeill, the decision in to produce Germany is not only about quality, but also largely about social responsibility. In the forefront of entrepreneurial activity is not only a budget-driven strategy of lowest cost, but rather demanding goals in terms of quality, innovation, and design. As a result, McNeill’s brand, as well as the trust of customers and dealers, has been consciously strengthened.

"The whole McNeill team is proud of the production location in Germany, and it is always a pleasure to be associated with it, today and in the future!"