CEO Claudia Krause mit den Kindern vom Fotoshooting 2016

For us it's more than a satchel

The journey through school with McNeill

Since 2005 I have been the Managing Director at McNeill, ensuring that our satchels make a child's heart beat faster. I am directly involved with and responsible for many processes such as brainstorming, the creation and selection of designs, innovative new developments and even photo shootings.

Personal contact with employees, customers, partners and not least the kids is very important to me and essential for the manufacture of great satchels. Because as soon as we started making the first satchels at McNeill in 1974, it quickly became clear: Without passion, dedication, enthusiasm, know-how and a sense of responsibility, it just wouldn’t work. And these are the terms that still best describe our work today, because I think that our work is about more than just the products.

For me, satchels are not only practical bags which you store your exercise books, reading books and your breaktime snacks in. They are also a symbol for the start of a new stage in life. Because buying a satchel marks the first step in a new daily routine which brings many exciting and emotional moments with it, for the children as well as the parents. I see it as our mission to support parents at this time and make it possible for them to give their child the best things possible. That’s what truly counts when it comes down to it. And that is what we work on daily. Our focus is therefore not only on fashionable designs, but also on ergonomics and - something which is particularly important to me - that they are “Made in Germany”. And you can rely on these values and on our years of experience in accompanying children and parents in everyday school life.

That’s what I stand for personally as the Managing Director of McNeill. With all my energy, all my passion and above all with my full conviction.


Claudia M. Krause, CEO Thorka GmbH Thorsten H. Krause