More Safety on the Way to School

The McNeill double stripe

To provide more safety and visibility at dusk and in the dark, all McNeill school satchels have the characteristic, retro-reflective double stripe that encircles the school bag. This safety concept has always been a well-known symbol of the McNeill school satchels and ensures better visibility for even the smallest person in traffic on the way to school.

Satchels according to DIN 58124 - even more safety and visibility

Safety is important - especially for smaller traffic participants. That's why all school satchels from McNeill have the characteristic, retro-reflective double stripe. For even more visibility, you can rely on our satchels compliant to DIN 58124. On these models, 20 per cent of the front and sides are covered with fluorescent material, while 10 per cent is outfitted with retro-reflective materials.

It’s flashing at McNeill

Flashing lights and double-flashers are not just fashion accessories; they also draw more attention on the way to and from school at dusk and in the dark. Heli, Cutie, Magic Horse, Lovely, Greentrac and Police have a flashing light or double flashing lights as part of the motif on the cover.

The new security officers

The new security officers are McNeill's flashing lights. These can be added to all satchel models. On the one hand we have the red McNeill hook-on flashing light trailer with a mini-carabiner and a white dog logo print; on the other hand, the McNeill universal flashing light with strap closure; both flash continuously or at intervals. The tried-and-true Longlife blinking light with pressure switch or safety vest can be used universally in the disc or magnetic lock.

For safety