Yes, all of our satchels offer an ergonomic fit for the child's back, which means you sit upright and thus prevent back pain. For a perfect fit, however, the satchels must be adjusted correctly. The upper edge of the back cushion should be level with the shoulder height and the lower edge with the pelvis. The carrying straps can be adjusted by the child himself for a snug fit with the school bag.

In order to avoid damage to the posture, the satchel must sit correctly on the back of the child, and optimal load distribution must be considered. The chest and lap belt provide relief for the back by making the satchel fit snugly against the body, allowing the weight to be borne only by the shoulders. Furthermore, the height-adjustable chest strap ensures that the shoulder straps do not slip off the shoulders, even on small children.

The heavily padded and optimally shaped shoulder straps with quick-release buckle and detachable chest strap ensure a perfect fit for a packed satchel. The belt straps on the shoulder straps can be hung up by the practical hanging hook. The retro-reflective strips provide additional safety.

The waist belt holds the satchel to the back even during movement. It is detachable and adjustable. It ensures a good fit and increases the wearing comfort of the entire school satchel.

The SmartFlex carrying system is available with 3-point ergonomics our models ERGO Light COMPACT flex and ERGO Light MOVE.

Developed in collaboration with renowned experts in back health, the height-adjustable carrying system can be quickly and flexibly adapted to the needs and the physique of the wearer with just a few hand movements. The back padding forms itself to the contour of the back, and the three resting surfaces ensure a firm and ergonomic fit. At the same time, the resting surfaces ensure good ventilation for the back, even during prolonged wear. Tips and tricks for perfectly adjusting a school satchel with the SmartFlex support system to the back of your child can be seen in our SmartFlex instruction video: www.youtube.com/watch

By correctly adjusting the back system and the shoulder straps, you can ensure that the satchel is always comfortable and fits properly. Ergonomics and comfort are maintained throughout primary school. For more information, klick here.

First: Heavy items should be placed in the satchel all the way back, close to the child's back. Booklets, homework notebooks, and pencil cases can find space in the front. Snacks for break and a drink bottle can be placed in the side pockets. Pack only what your child really needs. For optimal weight distribution and relief for your child, only books that are necessary in the classroom should be carried. Check with your child and with his schedule to determine what he needs to take to school and what can stay at home. The internal space organisation of all our McNeill models allows the ergonomically advantageous positioning of heavy objects close to the back, thus optimally relieving the child's back. By correctly adjusting the back system and the shoulder straps, you can ensure that the satchel is always comfortable and fits properly. Ergonomics and wearing comfort are maintained throughout primary school. The ideal time to pack the satchel is the night before. In this way the child develops a routine, and the morning bustle is avoided.

DIN 58124 describes various requirements for traffic safety, usability, and the proper design of school satchels. One of the main criteria of this DIN is that at least 10 percent of the front and side surfaces as well as at least 10 cm2 of the straps are equipped with retro-reflective material. Furthermore, at least 20 percent of the front and side surfaces must be made with fluorescent material in orange or yellow.

Light-coloured clothing, reflectors on the school satchels, or school satchels made compliant to DIN increase your child's visibility and thus also his safety in road traffic. This is especially true in the darker seasons. McNeill offers a variety of school satchels that increase the visibility of children in twilight and darkness. All McNeill satchels have the characteristic, retro-reflective McNeill double stripe. Some models also have flashing lights, and the school satchels in the DIN collection also have fluorescent orange or yellow trim. Accessories from McNeill, such as safety vests or blinking lights, help to increase the visibility of your children in road traffic.

The McNeill double stripe, typical of all McNeill satchels, is an important factor for safety. The characteristic retro-reflective double stripe that encircles the schoolbag reflects up to three times more light than conventional reflex bands, ensuring more security at dusk and in darkness. The material is also dirt-repellent, abrasion-resistant, and washable.

To meet the individual needs of children, there are four different McNeill satchel models available. The differences in the four models can be found here.

We produce our school satchels at two locations: Hainburg in Hesse and Eberswalde in Brandenburg. At both locations, we have approximately 200 employees who have been with us for decades or have trained with us. Well-trained employees, a high commitment and a passion for school satchels guarantee you products that are more than just school satchels. Because a McNeill product contains not only a lot of love, but also all the experience of our employees. This is "Made in Germany" quality.

The company mascot is a Yorkshire terrier named McNeill, the Krauses' family dog. During the first photo shoots, when the dog would accidentally jump into the picture, the question of what to name the company was solved: the brand McNeill was born.

These school satchels with that extra something stand out not only by their quality and fashionable designs for boys and girls, but also with stylish pendants or even holograms on the cover.

As a rule, each design is available for a period of approximately two years. Accessories from older McNeill collections can be found at: www.mcneill-store.de.

Yes, they are of sufficient volume and stability to be able to be used throughout primary school.

All of our materials are abrasion- and tear-resistant. All outer materials have a waterproof inner lining and a water-repellent impregnation on the outer layer. All our materials are free of pollutants such as azo dyes, cadmium and PCP and comply with the relevant REACH regulation. In addition, all McNeill satchels have a 2 cm high base plate, which gives the satchel a firm footing and protects school materials from any moisture coming from below.

Our drinking bottles are made from Tritan. This material is produced in the USA and is absolutely free from the chemical compound BISPHENOL A. Thus, this drinking bottle can be safely used with small children. Please note that the temperature of the liquids filled in this bottle should not exceed 85° C and should not be less than -20° C.

Yes, all outer materials have a water-repellent outer coating as well as a waterproof inner lining. The fibres are also water-repellent, so that there is no water penetration in a light to medium rain with a properly closed cover. In the case of prolonged, intense water exposure, a slight moisture absorption can occur in the area of the seams. For such situations, we recommend using the watertight rain hoods available in Accessories.

To clean the exterior and interior cleaning of a McNeill satchel, a slightly moistened cloth or sponge with a little detergent is sufficient. For stubborn dirt, such as ink, special cleaning agents should be used. In any case, to ensure that no abrasion occurs during cleaning, only a soft sponge should be used. To restore the water-repellent coating provided by the manufacturer after intensive cleaning, a subsequent application of a commercially available transparent impregnating agent is recommended.

The McNeill Mini MOVE is best cleaned with a soapy solution and a damp cloth.

The McNeill sportsbag is best cleaned with a soapy solution and a damp cloth.

Before use, wash with warm water and possibly detergent. The beverage bottle is not dishwasher safe and is not microwave-safe. Gently open the cap when carbonated drinks are in the bottle.

We do not recommend this. The tried-and-true manual cleaning method is still the best. Cleaning with a soapy solution and a soft sponge followed by an impregnation is sufficient to clean a McNeill satchel.

Check our online dealer directory (www.mcneill.de/haendler/haendlersuche) for retailers that carry our satchels year-round; simply specify the city or postal code and distance.

The McNeill-trained dealer from whom you bought your McNeill item is generally the first stop for advice and action. Alternatively, direct your questions about our products by e-mail to info(at)mcneill.de.

Please contact your dealer where you purchased the McNeill satchel or accessory. In some cases, he can provide a loaner satchel if necessary. If the dealer is no longer available, please contact the manufacturer directly:

Thorsten H. Krause
Siemensstraße 15-19
63512 Hainburg

You can also reach us from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to noon on our service hotline: +49 6182 95710.