Kids’s backs carry satchels

We do carry responsibility for kid’s backs

McNeill and Ergonomics

At McNeill, it is extremely important to us that our satchels meet the latest ergonomic standards. Those who manufacture satchels carry a high responsibility - for quality, functionality, and most importantly the ergonomically correct fit of the satchels.

Because children in primary school often must carry many books back and forth, a correct fit of the school satchel to the child’s back is very important so that the child’s back is protected on his way to school. This is why we develop our school bags in close collaboration with renowned experts in back health. Physiotherapists Werner Krass and Anna Wallmen-Krass advise us in the development phase of our school satchels and evaluate the results of our usage tests. You can be sure that McNeill is providing not only quality, but also a range of satchels that have excellent carrying properties.

Perfect Fit in the Palm of your Hand - the Innovative SmartFlex Support System from McNeill

With our two renowned physiotherapists, Werner Krass and Anna Wallmen-Krass, we have set the goal of developing a completely new carrying system. The result of this collaboration is the SmartFlex carrying system with 3-point ergonomics. With the SmartFlex carrying system, the school satchel quickly and flexibly adapts to the needs and the physique of the child. The back padding moulds to the contour of the back, and the three resting surfaces ensure a firm and ergonomically correct seat while ensuring good ventilation. The flexibly adjustable chest and lap belt provide additional support. The lap belt is also detachable. That's how easy perfect carrying comfort can be. The SmartFlex carrying system is available with 3-point ergonomics our models ERGO Light COMPACT flex and ERGO Light MOVE.

Das Ergonomische SmartFlex Tragesystem von McNeill
  1. SmartFlex support system
  2. 3-point ergonomics
  3. Tensioning straps
  4. Height-adjustable chest strap
  5. Removable and adjustable lap belt

Proper packing and the perfect fit of the school satchel: how to make your child's trip to school easier

When it comes to choosing a school satchel, tastes differ widely. Children have not only an individual taste, but also an individual physique. That's why McNeill has different school satchel models. The functional and physical fit of the school satchel plays an important role in maintaining a healthy spine. This is complemented by the ergonomic back cushions of the McNeill satchel. The well-padded shoulder straps ensure a snug fit of the satchel, stabilising the back during movement. In addition, here are a few tips for smart packing of the satchel to make your child's school day easier:


  • First: Heavy items should be placed in the satchel all the way back, close to the child’s back. Booklets, homework notebooks, and pencil cases can find space in the front. Snacks for break and a drink bottle can be placed in the side pockets.
  • Pack only what your child really needs. For optimal weight distribution and relief for your child, only books that are necessary in the classroom should be carried. Check with your child and with his schedule to determine what he needs to take to school and what can stay at home. 
  • Wear comfort is guaranteed only if the satchel is worn correctly. Make sure the satchel fits properly. The satchel should be at shoulder height and sit tight. It should also have a perfect fit without a chest and waist belt. It is recommended that your child try on the satchel before purchasing. See your McNeill dealer; he will be happy to advise you about the perfect school satchel for your child.