For Breaktime

McNeill Bogubox

Breaktime at school is even more fun with the McNeill Bogubox,. It is the ideal container for snacks. It can be flexibly divided in the interior, so that there is a place for fruit or sweets in addition to snacks.

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McNeill 350 ml or 650 ml Beverage Bottle

The McNeill beverage bottle, made of Tritan, is free of BISPHENOL A. It is ideal for hot and cold drinks. Thanks to the screw cap, no liquid can escape from the bottle

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McNeill Screw Head with Suction Cup

The McNeill screw head with suction cup is suitable for all McNeill beverage bottles. The lid can be simply screwed on and off. The hinged lid can be easily closed.

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McNeill Replacement Suction Cup

The McNeill replacement suction cup is made of sturdy plastic and is suitable for McNeill 350 ml or 650 ml beverage bottles.

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