ERGO Light PURE Design Drake

ERGO Light COMPACT flex Design Goalie

ERGO Light 912 S Design Angel

ERGO Light MOVE Design Libelle

Children's Backpack Mini MOVE

McNeill Gym Bag Design Heartbeat

McNeill Shoe Bag Design Buggy

McNeill childrens suitcase Design Gently

SmartFlex Support System from McNeill

Ergonomic, practical and convenient—this is the new innovative and height-adjustable SmartFlex system with 3-point ergonomics from McNeill.

The back padding shapes itself to the contour of the back, and the three resting surfaces ensure a firm and ergonomically correct fit. At the same time, the resting surfaces ensure good ventilation of the back, even during prolonged wear. This innovative system was developed in close collaboration with physiotherapists Werner Krass and Anna Wallmen-Krass and was tested from a medical-ergonomic standpoint. Two McNeill satchel models have been developed with outstanding ergonomic features and a carrying system adapts perfectly to a child’s back - our satchels ERGO Light MOVE and ERGO Light COMPACT flex.

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The journey through school with McNeill

For me, satchels are not only practical bags which you store your exercise books, reading books and your breaktime snacks in. They are also a symbol for the start of a new stage in life. Because buying a satchel marks the first step in a new daily routine which brings many exciting and emotional moments with it, for the children as well as the parents. I see it as our mission to support parents at this time and make it possible for them to give their child the best things possible. That’s what truly counts when it comes down to it. And that is what we work on daily.

Claudia M. Krause, CEO Thorka GmbH Thorsten H. Krause

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