For the Start of School

McNeill School Cornet

With the McNeill school cornet, children's wishes come true. It is the ideal gift for the first day of school. It has plenty of space for sweets or other small surprises.

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McNeill Neck Pouch

The McNeill neck pouch is ideal for the safe transport of small change, student ID cards, or tickets. It is easy to hang over the neck and hide under a sweater or jacket.

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McNeill Chest Belt

Fits all McNeill models. Its width is adjustable and helps to stabilise the McNeill satchel on the child's back.

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McNeill Lap Belt

As an addition to school satchel models ERGO Light PLUS and ERGO Light 912 S, the lap belt provides even more stability and helps the McNeill school satchel fit better on a child's back.

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McNeill Pocket Umbrella

The McNeill pocket umbrella protects you from the rain. Because of its low weight, it is very easy to carry. It comes with a cover so that the umbrella can be easily transported in the school satchel.

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Neck pouch

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